From village walks to cycling tours, jeep rides to the medieval Amer and Jaigarh forts, horse rides at dawn on offer, there is much to experience at Khas Bagh. One can also simply relax with a swim and sunbathe, or play croquet on the sprawling lawns.

As dusk settles in, it is time for a sundowner at Khas Bagh and then enjoy a barbeque with a bonfire in the outdoors or next to the swimming pool, listen to war stories from the host, Colonel Rathore, a retired special forces and a war veteran, or make yourself cozy at the Polo lounge.
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Festivals with the host family

Join the Khas Bagh family in intimate celebrations of traditional Indian festivals and experience the unique colours and customs of Rajasthan . From Holi which is a riot of colour , traditionally celebrated in March as a thanksgiving gesture for a good harvest , to Diwali the " festival of lights ", celebrations at Khas bagh are a peep into India's rich cultural heritage . The family continues to uphold the age-old traditions of Rajput Aristocracy .


Enjoy a swim, relax or sunbathe at the swimming pool at Khas bagh. Screened naturally by tall elephant grass on its periphery, an open shower with blue pottery tiles and state-of-the-art dressing rooms the pool is an all weather attraction. Soak in the sun, on the pool's island beds, the deck is also a great place to enjoy a drink or a meal.

Khas Bagh Lounge
The Polo Lounge

Relax with a sundowner at the Polo Lounge . With its fireplace , piano, wooden floors and panelling it will remind you of an old colonial country club. The family polo pictures and polo trophies carry stories of polo travels across the world. Its high ceilings, chandeliers, velvet curtains and leather upholstered sofas make it a cosy place to unwind after the hustle and bustle of sight seeing and shopping in the city.

Khas Bagh Lounge
Cooking Demonstration

Cooking demonstrations are useful tools that show participants quick, easy ways to prepare Ornish-friendly foods. Here at Khas Bagh you will learn dishes that are rooted in India's age-old vegetarian culinary traditions yet adapted to today's kitchen and lifestyle. Entrees are wholesome, healthy and fresh.